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Robert Penner

Many years in the making. A project that I had dreamed of when I first came to work for TNC nearly 24 years ago. Reconnect a large wetland basin and raise the road so that water will fill the reconnected basin when the water level of the main wetland basin comes up and also keep the road dry. The reconnected basin will be wet longer and sooner as the water moves under the road rather than over. The road was raised using soil from the disconnected portion. Build it and they will come, the day after the culverts were installed it rained and the disconnect portion of the basin was now whole again and water started moving under the road to fill the newly restored basin. The restored wetland basin attracted shorebirds within a day after it started to fill, dozens of Spotted Sandpipers showed up along with some yellowlegs and of course Killdeer. Although the rains prevented us from restoring the whole 40 acres it was a major step forward. Budget cuts most likely will keep us from completing the project to the 100% level any time soon but we might just work on it over the coming years rather than hire a contractor.