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  • Maina Handmaker

    In many cases, birds provide very valuable ecosystem services. But unlike some bird groups that are heralded for their services as pollinators or seed-dispersers, it can be more challenging to define ecosystem services provided by shorebirds. It would be great to hear from WHSRN site partners and other conservation practitioners to help grow the list of Ecosystem Services provided by shorebirds in different habitats, communities, and ecosystems. If we have this argument ready, it is another tool to help bring diverse stakeholders together towards actions that support the conservation of shorebirds and their habitats. What benefits do shorebirds contribute to your site? What would you add to the list of Ecosystem Services provided by shorebirds?

    Brad Andres

    I tried to connect the individual strategies within the Pacific Americas Shorebird Conservation Strategy to the major components of human wellbeing used by the Conservation Measures Partnership. Would be great to get feedback on how other shorebird conservation actions can be linked. Also, attached spreadsheet contains definitions of ecosystem services and getting examples for shorebird conservation actions would be useful. Thanks.

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