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  • Robert Penner

    I had the pleasure of spending a afternoon with Jennifer Linscott a Graduate Student, out of the Senner Lab in the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Department @ University of South Carolina. She placed 25 GPS units on Hudsonian Godwits down in Chile. Two are currently in Nebraska, one was near Hutchinson, Kansas but heading to the west towards Cheyenne Bottoms and two have disappeared and another was here at Cheyenne Bottoms in Central Kansas. The bird here at Cheyenne Bottoms left Chile 6 days ago and flew non-stop to Cheyenne Bottoms. The majority of birds have not left Chile yet. Our job was to re-sight the bird and observe it’s foraging habits, it’s general condition and perhaps take soil samples from where it was feeding to determine amount and type of prey. Unfortunately, even though the GPS signal gave us the rough location, trying to find the individual bird is difficult. These birds have a red flag on their leg and you can usually see the antenna off the back of the bird. I was pretty sure I spotted the bird in question but a Peregrine Falcon flew over and scattered the birds and we were unsuccessful in relocating the birds. Such is the fate of field work

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