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  • Laura Chamberlin

    Título del Simposio en WHSG 2019: Creando alas para nuevos actores: Herramientas para involucrar comunidades en la conservación

    Creating wings for new partners: Tools to involve communities in conservation

    At WHSG 2019 in Panama the Creating wings for new partners symposium focused on communication engagement. This symposium was designed to share experiences and encourage the development of programs. An introductory presentation reviewed how community participation is integrated into conservation actions, and possible strategies to achieve it. The strategies may include volunteer programs, advocacy, or social marketing. The remaining presentations will share examples throughout the hemisphere. Each presentation will highlight a particular characteristic such as: setting objectives and indicators, planning, managing volunteers, fundraising, coordinating a participatory process, and evaluation, together with the lessons learned and some results. Presentations shared real tools or templates that participants would be able to use.

    Presentations can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CiaPumMb7K6WDV2T6tOFA5N7_OwREkOA?usp=sharing

    Josmar Marquez, Avezona, Venezuela was unable to participate in the symposium. He has recorded his presentation which can found in the above folder.

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