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  • Robert Penner

    Virtual Wings and Wetlands Festival
    March 24 – March 26
    Join Us For the 2021 Virtual Wings & Wetlands Festival. Explore birds, wetlands, and conservation messages through presentations by renowned experts, interactive socials, and on-demand web resources.
    The 2021 Wings and Wetlands Festival features renowned experts. These experts will walk you through topics of bird watching, identification techniques, Kansas wetlands, and conservation.
    Keynote Speakers include Kansas Wetlands: “Crossroads of the Bird World” with Kenn Kaufman, “Today’s Office” with Sharon Stiteler AKA The Bird Chick, and a presentation by Alvaro Jaramillo
    Other Presentations include “Be a Better Birder: Techniques and Tricks for the Beginning Birder” with Chuck Otte, “Shorebird ID” with Gene Young, “Kansas Raptor Program” with Pat Silovsky, “Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area” with Jason Wagner, “Quivira National Wildlife Refuge Overview” with Mike Oldham, “The Diversity of Birds on Kansas Wetlands” with Bob Gress, and “Smartphone Birding” with Sharon Stiteler AKA The Bird Chick.
    Festival participants will also have access to several on-demand topics about wetlands and birds and participate in nightly Birds and Beverages Breakout rooms with past festival guides.
    For more information and to register, visit our website.
    Proceeds from the $20 registration fee will benefit Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivira National Wildlife Refuge.

    My little program will be in the on-demand links. “Shorebirds of Cheyenne Bottoms, Past-Present-Future”

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